Wipomo puts you "On The Road To Energy Independence" with solar power and electric vehicle integration for your home and business, and no more blackouts!

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Currently Serving California and Colorado.

How much can I save?

Join The Energy Ecosystem In A Way That Fits Your Life

Electric Vehicles

Drive on electricity you produce, with no emissions, for less than 1/3rd the cost of gas. Many models are available now, and you can even upgrade a hybrid to plug-in. Stored energy in a vehicle battery can power your home or business during a utility blackout.


Wipomo's Energy Ecosystem helps you create a continuous flow of energy from solar power and electric vehicles to power your home, your business and your life. Whether you start by generating power, heating your water, driving on electricity, or convert your vehicle to export power, you will quickly be on the road to energy independence.

Solar Power

Life gets easier when you eliminate your utility bill. Wipomo’s Energy Ecosystem is a great investment for you – produce your own energy for less than you can buy it – and no more blackouts! Save money and increase your property value without increasing your property taxes.